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Why your brand identity needs regular upkeep

Brand identities need regular upkeep, just like a haircut – for startups and established brands alike.

A local hairdresser has recently achieved for one The Offices partner what no other has before – convinced me of the need to maintain an eight-weekly appointment.

You see, hold off any longer (lazy sod that I am) and this curly crop goes unruly beyond redemption, like an out-of-control hedge or unattended laundry pile.

Why new is good

Branding and rebranding is much the same, whether you’re a startup or an established brand (and our client base spans both). Your clever new website is only as interesting and rankable as the changes you’ll post, whether weekly or daily. Your new business cards, capability statements and packaging designs are great for a while. Five years pass in a flash. Suddenly you need a little extra detail to regain the attention of customers you once beguiled, and with whom you stopped having a conversation.

What to refresh

Exactly how much time and resource do you need to throw at this regular brand enhancement? That’s a ‘how long is a piece of string’ type of question. If you’re a micro business, you could spend as little as four hours per month (your time or an outsourced team’s time). If you’re a customer-facing business, this might be more like four hours per week. And if you’re a corporation, it might be one hour per intended client interaction in each buying cycle.

But if you let it spiral out of control you’ll have a lot of catching up to do. You’re now looking at a website that’s not responsive, a logo that looks like PowerPoint, and materials you’re no longer proud to share. A bit like an overgrown haircut.

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