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How to measure the ROI from your brand refresh


During a recent corporate brand refresh, our client asked a question that we wish more clients did. ‘Will it increase my profitability?’ he quizzed. Measuring the ROI on a brand refresh – it’s one of those how-long-is-a-piece-of-string questions, and it got us raving about everything the rebrand would achieve. But before diving in too deep,… Read More

What Vivid Sydney can tell you about brand experience

Neon light artwork at Vivid Sydney 2017

Everything we try to explain to clients about a relevant, fresh brand experience is summed up in life size at Vivid Sydney. We should add we’re rather partial to Vivid Sydney and its many light displays. Almost 100 pieces, in fact, as The Offices discovered when we stepped out to browse the trail of luminous works…. Read More