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Struggling to shape a memorable brand? Start with strategy

Memorable brand, or unmemorable?

The world is overflowing with stuff. Insurance, roadways, running shoes, theatre shows. And much of it looks and sounds the same. That’s because a memorable brand is made of more than a distinct brandmark or colour, even McDonalds yellow or Australia Post red. Standout brands grow out of great ideas that show on every customer… Read More

How to measure the ROI from your brand refresh


During a recent corporate brand refresh, our client asked a question that we wish more clients did. ‘Will it increase my profitability?’ he quizzed. Measuring the ROI on a brand refresh – it’s one of those how-long-is-a-piece-of-string questions, and it got us raving about everything the rebrand would achieve. But before diving in too deep,… Read More

Blue Leaf Organic Meat Co_logo and business collateral

Brochure by The Offices

The vision for producing organic Australian lamb for global markets makes a great deal of sense, both from an ethical and environmental point of view. For our client, Blue Leaf Organic Meat Co, ‘organic’ has a clear, true meaning. It means the livestock isn’t subjected to sheep dip, growth promotants or antibiotics. It means their… Read More

I want my new logo yesterday, and other dilemmas

What to factor in before commissioning that new logo.

Think you’re in a hurry to roll out your new logo or visual identity? Better check this list of potential handbrakes first, to see how realistic your expectations are.    You’ve been there before. That moment when you grab a pile of materials to show a potential client, and then it hits: all your messaging is out… Read More

Story of a brand identity #1: How we developed Norrsken Ko


Ever wanted to see the runners-up that nearly made it as a final brand identity? Or learn how long it all took? Our client, Norrsken Ko, kindly agreed to share their recent branding journey.   With every new brief, there’s a fresh buzz in our office. Every time. Because even the simplest-seeming projects have their… Read More