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Tone of Voice and Rebranding – So Watt

The rebranding for this fast-growing industrial design firm started with an immersion in business strategy – specifically on how to market their three revenue streams. Our work extended to their tone of voice, logo design, supporting graphics and other outputs

From the outset, So Watt’s founders described a passion for changing the way stuff is made and bought. Too many of us forget where our flat-pack tables or replica chairs were shipped from, whose IP they’ve taken or how soon they’ll end up on a council tip.

So Watt seeks to overturn that mindset with its multifunctional, repairable furniture, products and commercial spaces. A bench can be a coffee table can be a storage unit. Each piece is built to last, using earth-friendly materials and local labour.

Conveying this ethical and practical approach has been a big part of developing the new brand voice and identity. However, the creative also had to showcase their manufacturing smarts and bent for educating the public.

Elements that support this include an illustrated set of icons, bespoke font and detailed photography (more coming). It’s all wrapped up in a muted palette and with sleek, simple graphics offsetting the hand-done ones.