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New ice cream packaging – Pat and Stick’s Homemade Ice Cream Co.

They’re arguably Australia’s most original and greatest maker of the ice cream sandwich. And we’re proud to say we’ve worked on the brand and packaging for this boutique ice creamery since their founding. In that time, Pat and Stick’s has conquered the market for deluxe desserts, one freezer at a time, in gourmet retailers across the country.

But with a raft of imitation ice cream sandwiches now available from larger competitors, Pat and Stick’s has had to fight back. Enter The Chewy. It’s pegged right at the supermarket shopper, with more accessible pricing than the premium sandwich, a different flavour lineup and a firmer (chewier, really) texture.

It’s still made with 100 per cent Australian dairy ice cream and beautiful real flavours. So The Chewy’s packaging had to speak all those other brand values that fans have come to appreciate. Especially the way they make authenticity into a luxury.

The Chewy is the first of several new products launching soon from Pat and Stick’s, and we can’t wait to introduce the rest.