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Branding Program and Communications materials – NorthConnex Motorway

The NorthConnex motorway and tunnel is one of Sydney’s most exciting infrastructure projects. When NorthConnex opens in 2019, it will form the final link in an unbroken road freight corridor between Melbourne and Newcastle.

The directors of NorthConnex engaged us to create a sophisticated new look for their brand and communications materials. The idea was to stick within NSW Government guidelines, while adding enough excitement to suggest just how innovative and effective this public-private motorway really is.

We began by consulting extensively with key team members. This helped determine which visual elements had to remain, and where there was room for innovation.

The result is a full suite of new collateral, including fully formatted Word templates. These are formalised within a 60-page guideline that sets out a clear, consistent style across NorthConnex’s internal and public-facing print and digital communications.

We’re told that NorthConnex’s communications team is genuinely pleased at how professional and vibrant our work looks, across reports, newsletters, eDMs, letters and more.