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Brand Identity and Packaging – Ridiculously Delicious Peanut Butter

So many ‘oh-so-wholesome’ peanut spreads on the market forget one thing: peanut butter (even healthy peanut butter) is FUN. It’s comfort food that brings a smile to people’s faces.

This was our driving thought when creating the Ridiculously Delicious brand and packaging. Our strategy was to take cues associated with big-name peanut butters, while adding an energetic, youthful visual and verbal language. The playful tone of voice includes lines like ‘the nonstop thrill of peanut butter splendour’ and ‘warning: this product contains copious amounts of nuts.’ We’ve used them across the Ridiculously Delicious packaging, point-of-sale and social media.

Ridiculously Delicious recently made The Australian’s list of Australia’s number one peanut butters and has launched a range of chocolate nut bars.


The Ridiculously Delicious Peanut Butter Bar, designed by The Offices

The Ridiculously Delicious Peanut Butter Bar