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Community Minded Calendar


We were asked to create a calendar to be sold at the Orange Grove Public School Art Show, a fundraiser. The calendar was to highlight the art projects from each class in the school and give parents a chance to contribute a small amount to the event. While the smart-tech set all have online calendars in order, regular printed calendars keep families in sync. We wanted to create something that would go beyond just getting mom to the next P&C meeting on time.

We created a calendar that has a different event, fact or cheeky illustration on every single day of the year. We involved the children from OGPS to make up sets of numbers to use as day marks – the kids loved being involved. We then created a bright, bouncy communications pack to get the word out – posters, edm’s and the rest – and boom, Fundraisers-R-Us! The night was a spectacular success and the calendar is in it’s second run with Christmas sales ramping up fast!


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