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Blue Leaf Organic Meat Co_logo and business collateral


The vision for producing organic Australian lamb for global markets makes a great deal of sense, both from an ethical and environmental point of view.

For our client, Blue Leaf Organic Meat Co, ‘organic’ has a clear, true meaning. It means the livestock isn’t subjected to sheep dip, growth promotants or antibiotics. It means their hardy lambs feed almost entirely on sustainable Australian grasslands, seeking out different plants for nutritional and even medicinal purposes.

Blue Leaf had these and other important messages to talk about, all while appealing primarily to wholesalers and retail butchers. Quality and provenance were two values that emerged again and again as being important to that target audience, and which we’ve sought to capture most in this brand identity.

The brand, packaging and copy also adhere to clear Meat and Livestock Australia guidelines, given their vital role in assisting the brand’s first export drive.


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