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12 totally relevant ways to design your crisis comms without knee-jerking

Crisis communications graphic

Don’t sell, don’t copy, don’t pretend to help unless you mean it – marketers have many pitfalls to avoid under the present Covid-19 crisis. But what should you do instead? Here’s our ultimate guide on how to design your materials over the next three months. Add your own grain of salt.  We’ve spent the past… Read More

5 steps to building a solid brand platform


Why do we grab one cereal brand in the supermarket aisle, ignoring a near-identical one? Why is a car brand on everyone’s wish-list one decade and forgotten the next – even if the quality is no different? Why do some great products get bypassed, while less-worthy ones snaffle all the attention? It’s called perception, and… Read More

Guiding light: Ultimate DIY brand audit for business owners

Magnifying glass for a brand audit

Brands are living entities, meaning they need to be upkept, and a regular brand audit will reveal what steps you should take.

The Offices : Trends and Predictions : 2019


Stopping the Australian brain drain, one startup at a time


Australia has caught the innovation bug, if the startup scene is anything to go by, and our universities are on board to stop the national brain drain. According to a story on startups by Smart Company in May this year, in the last five years venture capital funding has grown tenfold to $1.5 billion in… Read More

The rebrand or refresh: a door-opener for business


The decision to rebrand or refresh is a big one. And it seems that every few months, some major business does this in a way that is either massively odd or totally right. Think of the outrage provoked in 2017, when the NSW Government proposed ditching the distinctive brand identities for cultural icons such as… Read More

Writing workshops that stick it to the emoji-crowd


For some time now, we’ve been delivering writing workshops for in-house corporate and public audiences. The scope here is huge. That’s why our writing workshops range from storytelling for marketers to email basics for anyone and high-level reporting for executives. Original workbooks, infographics and supporting materials support the workshops, plus follow-up as needed. Meanwhile, our writing… Read More

How to spend a small (and medium-sized) branding budget

Brand budgets aren't often as large as lotto wins

The spate of talk about startups is just part of the great entrepreneur movement happening in Australia right now. So we’ve been fielding lots of discussions on when a new business should invest in a brand identity, especially on a small budget. Or how much they should they spend. Plus, what are the essential components,… Read More

Why brands with purpose stand out most

Photo of arrows

Purpose. It’s a kind of naked word; one that hasn’t been hijacked by the buzzword-makers yet. At The Offices, we’re fascinated by the brand purpose our clients have. It spearheads our initial brand audit, and the resulting work we do for them. Take the brand we’ve been developing for a radical young Australian industrial design… Read More

Struggling to shape a memorable brand? Start with strategy

Memorable brand, or unmemorable?

The world is overflowing with stuff. Insurance, roadways, running shoes, theatre shows. And much of it looks and sounds the same. That’s because a memorable brand is made of more than a distinct brandmark or colour, even McDonalds yellow or Australia Post red. Standout brands grow out of great ideas that show on every customer… Read More

Challenging the status quo in legal recruitment: Henley Reid, Sydney


We love to see our clients succeed. That’s why we’re rather pleased with this website for legal recruitment and coaching firm, Henley Reid, which we finessed during high summer and launched just last week. It’s not just our original illustrations, expanded brand elements and concise, engaging web copy. These all hit the brief by positioning… Read More

How to measure the ROI from your brand refresh


During a recent corporate brand refresh, our client asked a question that we wish more clients did. ‘Will it increase my profitability?’ he quizzed. Measuring the ROI on a brand refresh – it’s one of those how-long-is-a-piece-of-string questions, and it got us raving about everything the rebrand would achieve. But before diving in too deep,… Read More

Blue Leaf Organic Meat Co_logo and business collateral

Brochure by The Offices

The vision for producing organic Australian lamb for global markets makes a great deal of sense, both from an ethical and environmental point of view. For our client, Blue Leaf Organic Meat Co, ‘organic’ has a clear, true meaning. It means the livestock isn’t subjected to sheep dip, growth promotants or antibiotics. It means their… Read More

4 ways to tell right now if your brand storytelling is visually on track

Brand storytelling in visuals

  End of financial year, our phone here at The Offices rings off the hook with clients keen to deepen their brand’s storytelling – visually and verbally.  It’s been a big week for brand storytelling. First, this story on Inc.com about the rise of the Chief Storytelling Officer. Then, this one on NY Times, about… Read More

What Vivid Sydney can tell you about brand experience

Neon light artwork at Vivid Sydney 2017

Everything we try to explain to clients about a relevant, fresh brand experience is summed up in life size at Vivid Sydney. We should add we’re rather partial to Vivid Sydney and its many light displays. Almost 100 pieces, in fact, as The Offices discovered when we stepped out to browse the trail of luminous works…. Read More

Press release: Website refresh pushes up business leads for Pat and Sticks


May 9, Sydney – A website refresh has dramatically increased business leads for independent Aussie dairy brand, Pat and Sticks Ice Cream Co, since launching in February, the company’s directors have announced. Page views have also increased 60 per cent in that time. The visually rich new website is the latest in a series of branding exercises… Read More

I want my new logo yesterday, and other dilemmas

What to factor in before commissioning that new logo.

Think you’re in a hurry to roll out your new logo or visual identity? Better check this list of potential handbrakes first, to see how realistic your expectations are.    You’ve been there before. That moment when you grab a pile of materials to show a potential client, and then it hits: all your messaging is out… Read More

Story of a brand identity #1: How we developed Norrsken Ko


Ever wanted to see the runners-up that nearly made it as a final brand identity? Or learn how long it all took? Our client, Norrsken Ko, kindly agreed to share their recent branding journey.   With every new brief, there’s a fresh buzz in our office. Every time. Because even the simplest-seeming projects have their… Read More

Why your brand identity needs regular upkeep


Brand identities need regular upkeep, just like a haircut – for startups and established brands alike. A local hairdresser has recently achieved for one The Offices partner what no other has before – convinced me of the need to maintain an eight-weekly appointment. You see, hold off any longer (lazy sod that I am) and this curly… Read More

my big, fat magical cat


Our first children’s book! Providing editorial guidance, illustration and design, we worked with children’s book author Jim Shanahan to create a new reader-format ebook for children aged 5–10. Each book takes young readers to a different country, introducing them to the local sights, flavours and people through the eyes of the main characters, Jasmine and… Read More

Pat and Stick’s Ice Cream


Seen these around town yet? Pat and Stick’s have a knock-out new range of ice cream in cartons (four scrumptious flavours, in fact). We were given a few tubs of each flavour to inspire us in creating a richly distinctive packaging solution. It was also a chance for us to tell the Pat and Stick’s… Read More

Design and illustration for Bookworld


We’re big book fans. Current reads circulating at The Offices are the complete Game of Thrones box set, The Outsiders, The Book Thief and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Stephanie re-living her youth). That’s why it gave us great joy to help develop design / illustration for online book retailer Bookworld with the… Read More

Ridiculously Delicious Launches


We were thrilled to see the launch of a brand we know and absolutely love. Ridiculously Delicious Peanut Butter launched a few weeks ago at Melbourne grocer A. Bongiovanni & Son. We’ve had good reports from many, including Jeremy at Jacky Winter, who said he was smashing through a jar himself recently. Best of luck to Ben… Read More

Cultural Fit : Hartas & Craig Wall Art


This original piece of wall art for creative industry recruiters, Hartas & Craig, was completed over several days on-site. Using the finest of acrylic paints, the cartoon-style illustrations give a humorous insider’s take on the people and attitudes of the media, advertising and other creative industries. “How can he do an integrated campaign when he… Read More

Come in We’re Open


NEW OFFICE – Open. NEW WEBSITE – Open. Look for updates and informative additions in the next day or so when we’ve caught our breath. The shop should be open within a week or two with some interesting projects and ephemera to choose from.

Community Minded Calendar


We were asked to create a calendar to be sold at the Orange Grove Public School Art Show, a fundraiser. The calendar was to highlight the art projects from each class in the school and give parents a chance to contribute a small amount to the event. While the smart-tech set all have online calendars… Read More